Our Main Anniversaries 2021

In 2021, round anniversaries of several important events from the history of Poland will take place:

The birth of Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński – 22 I 1921

Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński was a poet, member of the Gray Ranks, and a soldier of the Home Army. He died during the Warsaw Uprising. He is considered to be one of the symbolic figures of the generation of Columbuses - Poles who were born in free Poland.


The birth of Tadeusz Zawadzki – 24 I 1921

Tadeusz Zawadzki was a scout and a officer of the Home Army, the hero of Aleksander Kamiński's book „Kamienie na szaniec”. He died on August 20, 1943 during an attack on a German post in the village of Sieczychy near Wyszków.


March Constitution – 17 III 1921

It was the first modern Polish constitution. It was valid until April 1935.


Treaty of Riga – 18 III 1921

This peace treaty was signed between Poland and Soviet Russia, which ended the Polish-Soviet War and marked the borders of the Polish state in the east.


IIIrd Silesian Uprising – 2 V 1921

The beginning of the IIIrd Uprising of Silesian Poles against the Germans. The uprising ended on June 7.


Defense of Tobruk – April-November 1941

A long confrontation between the Axis forces and the Allied forces besieged in Tobruk during the African campaign of World War II. Poles were among the defenders.


Establishment of the Independent Students' Association – 17 II 1981

It was an association of Polish students independent of the communist authorities.


Premiere of the film „Miś” – 4 V 1981

Polish comedy film directed by Stanisław Bareja. It was an intelligent satire on the absurdities of communism in Poland. Today, „Miś” is a cult film in Poland.


Martial Law in Poland – 13 XII 1981

The state of emergency was introduced throughout the Polish People's Republic, contrary to the Constitution of the People's Republic of Poland. It was suspended on December 31, 1982 and lifted on July 22, 1983.